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How you find out who somebody is, whether or not they are a true warrior, a true competitor all the way through... is people that don't know how to walk away or say, 'I'm retired.' Those are the ones that are purebred warriors. They don't know anything else.
It's all about starting momentum, hitting the ground running, and starting out hot.
I want guys that are sincerely interested in coming to Clemson. I don't need any practice recruiting, and I don't like wasting time. I want to be transparent, and I want prospects to be transparent, and if they're really interested in Clemson, then they're going to come here unofficially on their own.
I never imagined I would have the opportunities that I've had at NBC. For me, the opportunities have been endless, which I really appreciate.
I just feel it's important to do what's right and not necessarily what is right for you but right for everybody.
I'm not willing to compromise my goals for monetary value.
I think Jalen Hurts is consistent enough.
I have lots of tattoos and am biracial.
I've been really frugal with money since way back, so I can't buy something if it's too expensive. I'm not that brave.
There is nothing similar between the pharmaceutical and textile business.
I was a poor kid. I grew up watching film and television but primarily television. And I graduated high school, and I knew I wanted to go to college because nobody in my family had. So I was like, 'I'll go and be a theater major.'
Defending the Impact title against Jay Lethal would be phenomenal.
I don't want Kylian to play like Neymar and keep the ball. Kylian is incredibly dangerous in the final move, and I want him to stay that way.
Usually, I'm an over-thinker.
Losing will make me a better fighter.
If we don't change this world and look inside our differences inside of us, we gonna bring this world back to a hard point.
Aside from being a fighter, I am a relaxed person. It is a lifestyle thing for me. I don't stress too much.
Choosing players in any sport is an imperfect science.