Best Your quotes

We all know what this business can do to you... you end up walking on your heels.
A few good words don't just make your day but they also give the sense of belonging and confidence to take the next big step forward.
Virat is in your face, he wants to dominate and has a work ethic like no one else. Whether it comes to discipline, training, sacrifice or self-denial, it is unbelievable.
When you are playing a Test match, you would like to be playing with your strongest side.
When you play the game, you want your mind clear. You want to be able to focus inwards without a care in the world for anything outside.
In a tournament like the World Cup, you have got to be on top of your game every game.
It's not worth scoring thousands of runs if your team keeps on losing.
As a child I played cricket as a hobby. Once you started playing for your school, you became more ambitious. You reckoned you could play for the state. Then you started to think about the country. But it happened so quickly for me, I started playing for the school at 13, for Bombay at 17, and at 18 I was in the Indian side.
As an opener, your mindset has to be different. When you need to open in Tests, you might get out in the first 10 balls.
Fearless means trusting your instincts and clarity of thought. Once you have made up your mind, don't be scared of what if.
Sometimes acknowledging your erroneous ways is the first step to redemption.
As a player, you model yourself after other players. Kobe takes the same approach as Michael Jordan. But I follow someone like Magic Johnson; he showed emotion, he smiled and jumped around, he was happy for his teammates. There needs to be more players like that.