Best War quotes

You have to bully a guy like Fury - notice I don't call him 'Tyson.' Truthfully you have to run up on a big guy like Fury and pummel him. He's the type of guy who's strong and determined but he's slow. His awkwardness is his positive.
I think the people of Great Britain have embraced me in a great way and I feel honoured and looking forward to winning the title in England for them.
I can come forward. I can do whatever I have to do to win.
A few good words don't just make your day but they also give the sense of belonging and confidence to take the next big step forward.
We play every game to win and take the game forward. And if in trying to win we lose a game, tough luck.
I don't like going out or attending award ceremonies.
My audiences are giving me awards every day.
People of Mumbai respect me a lot and they are well aware of my contributions towards the film industry.
There's always something to look forward to.
Gun control is not the answer. The best and most effective path forward, I believe, is one that safeguards our schools from becoming 'soft targets.'
Unfortunately, Democrats don't want to wage a war on poverty or improve program integrity; they prefer talking points.
The Protect America's Schools Act is not the only answer, but it is a positive step forward in preventing tragedies.