Best Wait quotes

There are a few people who are waiting to see the end of MS Dhoni. But great players like him decide their own future.
Unfortunately, too often the media doesn't ask the simple question: Why did elected leaders wait until the 11th hour to address government funding we've known would expire for months, if not years?
Some good talent was just hanging around and waiting for someone to spot them and TV gave them the spotlight. Actors got this platform, which is so great, and could accommodate anyone.
The most heart-wrenching responsibility I have as Governor is to meet a family at the airport as they stand silently waiting for the military casket of their loved one to come home.
I don't think it's appropriate for people who are citizens of Massachusetts to be waiting in line when folks who aren't citizens access benefits.
I've read both books that 'Beautiful Boy' is based on, and I can't wait to see that film. I root for that film.
When I tried to do 'Waiting for Godot, it was such a controversy. I was tired of political theatre. All I wanted to do was 'Godot.' You know what happened? We were told we had messed up and politicised a classic that has nothing to do with S.A.
My most important jobs are to be a father and a husband, and so some things have to wait.
I was at home, pregnant, and everybody was telling me, 'You're on a roll, don't have another baby, wait a while.' Looking back, I realize my career was peaking when I was having babies, for God's sake!
I know it sounds weird, but the kind of music I write isn't the kind of music that I listen to, which is quite underground, left-of-centre stuff like PJ Harvey and Tom Waits.
There was a council house waiting for me when I had Ryan, there was a welfare state. I never put into the system before I took out, I was on income support before I'd even paid a penny of tax.
There has been an unspoken assumption among establishment Republicans that all they have to do is wait out Hurricane Trump and then return to 'normal' conservatism.