Best Totally quotes

Me and Skepta, we're kind of from the same world but have totally different-sounding albums. That's why I get funny sometimes when people say I'm a grime artist. Not in a negative way, but I don't feel it's a true representation of the music I'm making.
If I want to enter politics, it will be only from Mandya. Otherwise, I will be totally away from politics as it is not my ambition at all.
My focus was, and still is, totally on making music, getting on the road and performing live.
I used to be totally into Steve Vai and Joe Satriani and other shredders, and I tried to emulate what they did and really grow as a guitarist.
All I ever did was the songs I wanted to sing, in the way I wanted to sing them, and when people went crazy about them, it totally surprised me.
I think online, like on YouTube and stuff, people could pretty much say whatever they want. They have no filter in their brain, because no one knows who they are. They're totally anonymous, so they could say whatever they want. But when they're in person with me, they wouldn't say those things, because I can actually see who they are.
Silicon-based life on Earth doesn't make sense, but perhaps it would in some totally different environment.
I can't say I am totally up to date with the latest technology, but at the same time, I would say that I am very good at working out how to use technical items.
I'm writing a book called 'The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus' about the maths of Christmas: how to set up a secret Santa so it's totally fair; how to decorate your tree mathematically; how to win at Monopoly.
I like all kinds of shows. The small shows are a totally different vibe. I don't care how many people are there as long as they're into it.
Here's the way Static-X has always worked: I write all the songs by myself - totally and completely by myself - I give demos to the other guys, and then they add their parts to it, and then we argue about stuff and compromise and it turns out being Static-X.
My life has totally changed. It's like, if someone cuts me off in traffic, I used to think about stopping and pulling them out of their car to deal with them. Now that I've got a kid, I totally re-think moments like that. There are a lot of things I can't do anymore and that's probably a good thing.