Best Though quotes

I feel like winning the title was a curse. It was something that I always wanted to achieve. I got it, but it didn't turn out the way I thought. The business side of it has not been very good.
Sometimes it might be the junior-most player in the team who may come up with a strategy which we hadn't even thought of and we need to bring that to the table.
Fearless means trusting your instincts and clarity of thought. Once you have made up your mind, don't be scared of what if.
Every woman is possessive though she may not show it.
After 20 years and 250 mainstream films, I thought I should have in my library at least 50 films, films that will be talked about when I am no more.
Sankhachil' did not have a script, to begin with. It was just a thought.
The first time I ever played Glastonbury I would have never have thought that a grime artist would have ever headlined it.
I would love young girls to look up and see my string section or my brass section or the steel band and be like, 'Wow! I never thought I could do that, that's wicked! I want to be up there doing that.'
Everybody has flaws, and every country has flaws. But you can still love something even though you know it's been so wrong before, and sometimes is now, and probably will be again.
I'm definitely not a nerd... but maybe I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to music and lyrics and things like that. Other than that, I'm definitley not a nerd. I wish I was, though.
I looked the people of Louisiana in the eye and told them exactly what I thought in terms that normal people use.
In the 1970s people were afraid to call me black because they thought it was an insult. They would say 'coloured.' Now it has gone full circle. It's not an issue. The intention is the most important thing.