Best Thing quotes

Everybody loves good humour and in movies, we are in search of things that make viewers laugh.
Saroj Kumar is a fictitious character who is free to think anything.
In films, we tend to come up with something new all the time. Challenges and experiments are new at every stage.
I got caught up in the whole celebrity thing, lost control at times.
In a way, I'm fighting because of my mom. She wanted me to find something in my life.
I feel like winning the title was a curse. It was something that I always wanted to achieve. I got it, but it didn't turn out the way I thought. The business side of it has not been very good.
Thanks to my mother, I graduated. But then we lost everything, we were homeless.
I had a mother who gave me everything.
Phenomenal boxing fans, I've never seen anything like it, everywhere I go people screaming 'let's go champ' it's just amazing; kids, elderly people, when it comes to boxing you can't beat Great Britain.
When I'm angry, when I've got something to fight for, I'm charged up.
The only thing I'm good at is boxing.
Underachiever. Asthmatic. Excuse-maker and fistic faker. My opponents and some other haters have called me all of those things.