Best Sort quotes

Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso was always bemused by our enthusiasm for tackling, because he saw it as the last resort.
I'm not the first Christian to have a fruity past. I hesitate to compare myself to St Augustine or St Paul, but there is a precedent for this sort of thing.
In the church I am very accountable, to the parish and the deanery; in the media thing I am not really accountable, I am out there on my own as a sort of busy, recognised religious person.
The greatest lie that was ever told is that I'm some sort of rightwinger.
I've always wanted to do a sketch show. And they've sort of gone out of fashion for a bit, or they've just stopped doing them for whatever reason.
I have been sort of the more quiet Mulroney.
It's become sort of second nature whenever we get into a car to buckle up. It has to be second nature before you get into a car to ask, 'Hey, who are you here to pick up?'
Earlier, only youngsters were trying their hands on digital platforms, TV was a different thing for actors and film actors were looked up as superior. Now, nothing of that sort exists anymore... So, I will be doing everything.
I think that, on the whole, risk-taking entrepreneurial characters regard nature as a sort of background that we can use for our own advantage.
A mixer for me needs to have some sort of effects, as it's a big part of how I might hype up the crowd in certain parts of a track, using the delays and filters for instance.
We are sort of not at the level of entertainment that the Western world is. Everything we see on the play in the screen, we read, we take serious. We take that it speaks to me. And so wonderful to see how the Johannesburg, South African audiences will say: What does it say to me? What does it make me feel? Why am I celebrating it?
The emergence of social media in the Broadway fan's life - it's sort of a serendipitous thing for us and for a lot of shows. I always wonder what 'Rent' would've felt like through that lens.