Best Something Else quotes

I think some people can't understand why you wouldn't want kids but I can't see any advantages at all. We're overpopulated as it is. Plus, I hate thinking the only reason I'm here is to pop out a kid or two. I'd rather leave something else behind.
Over the years, many young actors have approached me: Vusi Kunene, Sello Maake ka Ncube, and Seputla Sebogodi. They all said, 'Hey Bra John, let's do 'The Island and we want you to direct.' But somehow, my heart was not in it or I was busy with something else, so I'd say, 'ja, ja, we'll do it.'
As much fun as we had doing Ozzfest, I think it's good to try something else.
You know, Kiss can always go on as long as Gene and Paul want it to go on. Static-X is the same way. We're the two founding guys and the two vocalists and the driving force of the band. We can go on as long as we want, as long as the two of us are together. If I ever lost Tony, I'm sure I'd start something else.
If I've made something really serene... well, if everything is like that, it's like having too much icing on your cake. You need something else under it, some kind of grounding. It's like if you're making a film, you can't have only happy moments, or else they become meaningless.
As my guitar playing dwindled, something else in my music got better.
Evolutionary biologists have long pondered the phenomenon of the changing colours of autumn leaves. It’s possible that the red pigments are manufactured in the leaf as a side-effect of something else that’s happening at this time.
The audience wants to hear 'Rock n' Me,' 'Space Cowboy,' 'Living in the U.S.A.' When you start to play something else, you can feel the interest and enthusiasm go; the steam goes out of room. They are really 'Greatest Hits' fans and that's what they want to hear. It's disappointing that it's this way in the U.S.
I look at all my opponents, and they could be something else. They could go out and get a normal, regular job. I look at myself and I can't do that. I have a strike on my back. I can't have a normal job. So, I've got to fight for everything I've got.
If hip-hop is dead, then let it rest in peace and let's move on to something else.
Talking about Pep is hard, he is just a genius. He tries to change things when we need to and it works. He is something else.
In each city there are different favorites. Whatever we do, we'll come off the stage and somebody will ask how come we didn't do 'Pearl Necklace.' At the next town, it's something else we didn't do that they wanted to hear.