Best Rush quotes

Working out, for me, is like brushing my teeth. So, I can't cheat on that.
It builds character, it builds chemistry, when you're fighting amongst each other and able to brush it off and still talk and still have fun with each other.
I've always hated to lose and I continue to hate it. But I've been obliged to accept it because I also have had some crushing defeats.
It might be easy to brush away the febrile atmosphere online as a nasty byproduct of free expression: it's less easy when it happens to you.
I am not at all in a rush to make a career that only lasts for a short span of time.
How amazing is it that when a young gay or lesbian person has their first crush, no matter where they live in the country, they can imagine that all the way to marriage? When I first experienced a crush, in Texas, there was maybe a second of butterflies that were then dammed in by the fear of what that meant.
There's always going to be people who will criticize my performance. Sometimes, it gets irritating. Sometimes I just brush it off and say these people don't know what they are talking about.
I refuse to listen to Rush Limbaugh. I listen to a lot of conservative radio when I drive around in my car. I refuse to listen to him because he's just ridiculous, just a clown. I love Rachel Maddow obviously.
I got tired of seeing people rush through the national anthem so they could have their popcorn and get to the game. Nobody ever sang the anthem with soul. It was always done clinically and they always stuck to the original. I put feeling into it. I sang it in a soulful manner.
I remember when the photograph was taken. The famous one, I mean. The one of me being rushed from the Boston Marathon bombing without my legs.
There is no need to do a rush job on any film.
Experience demonstrates that there may be a wages of slavery only a little less galling and crushing in its effects than chattel slavery, and that this slavery of wages must go down with the other.