Best Read quotes

To love one's country, the governance should be good. But politicians are addicts of power. It is because they don't read that they have become so inhuman. Reading is what makes humans, humans.
I have little patience or time for nonsense that's spread around.
Christianity is under attack globally, and particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, where Christian populations are ceasing to exist at astonishing rates due to widespread persecution by Islamists.
I read a lot. I enjoy reading a lot.
As a country, we can't teach kids how to read and write when we got 18 years to do it. And that's - that's a disgrace.
Britain has always told the world that being British is about the humanity, compassion and moral fortitude that we have. All great things that we are supposed to have spread across the world. A leave vote now says that we don't really care about anyone else, we don't care what happens to the European Union.
We are the first on the frontline to go into countries to liberate people in the name of freedom - that's what we've claimed. And now, all of a sudden, they need our help and we turn them away. Yet the rest of Europe stands ready to help. Why are we the first to jump ship?
Look, it's no longer about capacity, how many ships, how many air wings, how many battalions. It's about capability. If we dominate cyber space and know and can read the other guy's mail, and with a very accurate laser-guided munitions put it in this window or that window, it's not how much, it's knowing exactly where to pinpoint a target.
I really believe, if I learned anything in the military, it was that I was accountable for my actions and I like to be part of the team that kind of brings that back to Washington, D.C. - not just responsibility, but accountability and being ready to lose my job over doing what's right.
Our 21st-century world is an incredibly dangerous one. Between brutal civil wars, violent extremism, spreading autocracy, rising inequality, territorial expansionism, election interference, and nuclear proliferation, our policymakers have their hands full.
Instead of measuring military readiness in terms of overall size and numbers, we must focus on metrics of capability, particularly in technology, and positioning.
If I'm reading a book by a footballer I don't want to read about games, how he scored or played well. People want to read what you thought, not what happened.