Best Pressure quotes

If you have the leader under pressure always go for him. You need to get stuck in. You have to make the game as tough as you can.
The main reason I didn't work in Bollywood was due to the tremendous pressure on me in Bengal.
The pressure from within used to have an impact on my behaviour. If games had gone badly, I would take things home with me. I'd be snappy at my kids and felt constantly wound up.
There is pressure, and I would never complain about that, but as players we put pressure on ourselves all the time. That's one thing I won't miss when I finally stop playing.
Congress leaders did not exert pressure on me to contest from Bengaluru South. But I told them categorically that there is no question of contesting from any other constituency except Mandya because of the bonding my family has with the people.
Pressure and protest is fine, but using fear and threats to force politicians to sing to a certain tune will be the death of our democracy.
Indian cinema is changing not because of outside pressure but because of inside pressure. Society is changing. Obviously, ideas change because of globalization, because of the huge middle class that is mostly first generation.
Public figures talk and act as if environmental change will be linear and gradual. But the Earth's systems are highly complex, and complex systems do not respond to pressure in linear ways.
In my latest 'Mirzapur,' I had no pressure actually to match up the level of other people in terms of performance because all of our characters were well-written. So there was no sense of insecurity.
Lucas is living the life that I wanted, but I want to be clear, I don't feel there's been any pressure for him to live it.
The pre-chorus always flows and the chorus is always a little bit harder for me because I put pressure on myself. I didn't know that there was a proper way to do these things, so I just write what sounds good to me in my ears and then I hope to God that someone else likes it too.
I always try not to read anything of people talking about me, but of course you can still feel pressure at the stadium, during the games, if you don't play well.