Best Physically quotes

Centre-back takes more out of you mentally than physically.
We were very athletic growing up. My dad basically trained us like boys when we were little, so being able to physically challenge myself and to be able to do crazy stunts and not use my stunt double was super exciting for me.
The age-old mistake, which has stunted countless lives, is the assumption that because physical hardship in childhood makes you physically tough, emotional hardship must make you emotionally tough.
The justification for early boarding is based on a massive but common misconception. Because physical hardship in childhood makes you physically tough, the founders of the system believed that emotional hardship must make you emotionally tough. It does the opposite.
If I'm fulfilled mentally, spiritually, and physically by my daily activities and I'm constantly striving to grow by living out of my comfort zone, then I am successful.
Crime against the vulnerable individuals of society is a worldwide problem and as women, we need to know how to defend ourselves both physically and emotionally.
Hamilton' is as hard a job as anything I've ever done. It's equally rewarding, but it's very taxing. It's just so hard physically and emotionally to do it, and it just empties you out.
The wrestling community is a constant; its members are diverse, we are physically located on all corners of the planet, yet we are constantly connected.
Physically I was not strong enough to play at Celtic and I know myself it was not my best time as a football player, for sure.
I've always said that I won't be a Barcelona player for 20 years with a secondary role. The moment that I feel my ambition is fading or that I am not able to deliver physically, I will step aside and leave feeling privileged and content of what I gave to the club.
You can be as good as you can be behind the wheel physically, but you've also got to be there mentally.
We used to get into other players' heads mentally and physically. In my day it was me versus you, my future versus your future.