Best Patient quotes

Don't get me wrong, the fans are great for us. But the fans, and the players, all of us together have to realise we have to be patient.
I learned patience. I'm not a real patient guy, but with me trusting in my coach, my managers and my team, I just trust the process and just continue to stay patient and just follow suit.
I play the way I am as a person. I don't panic, I'm patient.
The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease.
In 2001, a systematic review of five studies revealed that roughly half of all chiropractic patients experience temporary adverse effects, such as pain, numbness, stiffness, dizziness and headaches. These are relatively minor effects, but the frequency is very high, and this has to be weighed against the limited benefit offered by chiropractors.
Being patient is one of the big things I've focused on.
I'm a very, very impatient person when it comes to breaking news.
I've realized that, as the years have gone on, I have become completely impatient with the demo process.
I guess I get a little impatient and frustrated when people ask what ‘Manic Depression' is about.
I'm so used to doing stuff, as you can imagine, fast and on the go, and just calming down, being patient for me is something I have yet to get used to.
Policy change is nothing if it's not patient work.
I will confess that in general decisiveness worries me; it is often an excuse for being impatient with the details or insufficiently sensitive to other people's concerns.