Best Panic quotes

I have tried to keep my eco-anxiety at bay, to box it into my working life. But every month this becomes more difficult. The rising sense of panic I feel is entirely rational; we should all be feeling it. But we can't live with it through every hour of every day.
I play the way I am as a person. I don't panic, I'm patient.
My kids live in a different environment than I did as a child. They've got privileges I didn't have as a child, but they have disadvantages. They don't see their mum as much. They see the threats that one gets. They live in a house where they've got panic buttons, and I've had to teach them about safety.
As a Hispanic American, this country has done a lot for me, and I think that people have to be more grateful for what they have in this country.
I take pride in the fact that I was the first Hispanic artist to really crack the English market.
I got out of university and there was a general panic throughout my family as to what I was going to do. For about six months, I did this job in recruitment and I was just so awful at it. I jumped before I was pushed.
Creating boundaries for yourself is healthy. A lot of panic attacks, in my experience, can be stopped by actually saying to somebody, ‘Sorry I can’t actually do this because I feel uncomfortable.’
Social phobia, panic disorder… I've had panic disorder ever since I was young.
Everything has got a place in my house. If something is moved I get a panic attack.
In the States a lot of Hispanic and black audiences are gravitating towards 'Peaky Blinders.' A mate of went into a bar in Santa Monica and sent me a photo of four blokes dressed as Peakies - they meet every week for a 'Peaky Blinders' evening.
You cannot build public policies on sentiment, on panic and fear.
When things are down, we can't hit the panic button, and when things are up, we can't relax. We've just got to stay consistent.