Best Moving On quotes

I respect traditions, you can't walk all over them, but at the same time our world is changing. Life is about moving on.
I started my career at the Wall Street Journal, before moving on to CNBC and NBC.
I did psychotherapy for about six years. I stopped going regularly when I'd finished 'Elemental,' which I think probably says something. I think I'm moving on.
I'm about creating a body of work and moving on to the next thing.
I started lower down the leagues with Coventry, so I'd had that taste of first-team action at a young age. I'd already played 40 or 50 games before moving on, and when I got to Norwich, I had to bide my time at the start.
At school, I was always the new boy, so I always went in for the school play. It was a way of breaking the ice and making friends with pupils and teachers for however long I had before moving on.
Anything I wrote before the age of 17 is probably worth putting a pin in and moving on.
I love to fight, and I'm looking forward to being back in the ring, getting the victory, and moving on to challenge for the World Heavyweight title.
The ideal direction is using something like Khan Academy for every student to work at their own pace, to master concepts before moving on, and then the teacher using Khan Academy as a tool so that you can have a room of 20 or 30 kids all working on different things, but you can still kind of administrate that chaos.
My family is really good at letting go of things and moving on.
I unknowingly accepted impermissible benefits from my summer landlord. I look forward to moving on from this incident and to supporting my alma mater for many years to come.
It's weird that I'm putting my old green and gold jersey, and I'm moving on to the cardinal and white. I'm a Stanford Cardinal.