Best Moves quotes

It is a sad day for football when a player about to enter his prime moves for financial reasons and nothing else.
What moves me is to know that I have been part of the sentimental life of many couples around the world.
It's definitely hard to have relationships. When your life moves so quickly, people generally want replies on messenger apps and sometimes I don't get back to people for two or three weeks.
I'm very close to my family but this life moves so fast. Coming off stage, you're so tired so forget to make the call or send the text. By then five days have gone by and you haven't spoken to your family.
Yeah, I mean, you always work hard, and certainly there's opportunities to do some bold moves, and sometimes they pay off for you and sometimes they don't.
Everyone wants to know why my top lip doesn't move... I had laser hair removal on my upper lip, oh gosh, 2009, maybe 2008, and I got a third-degree burn. And my face on the right side doesn't move the way my face on the left side moves. So, that is why.
Of course, Bounce is all about the dance moves.
My grandfather was doing business with a Japanese man. In exchange of good relationship the man taught my uncles the art of jiu jitsu. My father couldn't do it because he was very weak, he couldn't do one press-up, so he just sat back and watched, and memorised. What he did was add leverage into the moves.
OK, if he's a grappler, good for me, I know what to do. If he's a kickboxer, I gotta get in a clinch and move a certain way. If he's a karate man, he moves a different way, but I'm still going to have to clinch. So, a sumo wrestler, I have to clinch. It's just, how I get there, how I move it.
You don't need a specialty lame (French for 'blade') to make professional-level bread at home, but it certainly helps in creating those telltale slash marks. You need a truly razor-sharp edge to make a clean cut; even a sharp paring knife will drag as it moves through the wet dough.
Before we had Fergie, it was me,, and apl, and we were showcasing our dance moves in our videos.
I am an engineer, not just an architect, so I've always been motivated by technique or technology. As soon as technology moves just a little bit, it changes architecture.