Best Men quotes

You need not give others a chance to exploit you always. We should know what kind of exploitation is taking place. I cannot create an incident to say that women have been exploited in Malayalam film industry.
Saroj Kumar is plagued with insecurity about how he can survive in the industry, what with new, better looking actors coming up, and experimental films taking over his once popular box-office success formulas.
In films, we tend to come up with something new all the time. Challenges and experiments are new at every stage.
We often come across certain directors who mention some of their own flops as their favourites. They will blame the viewers for not realising its merits. I think that is plain hypocrisy.
I've been through a lot of ups and downs. But in the process, I won two heavyweight titles. Not many men can say that.
Phenomenal boxing fans, I've never seen anything like it, everywhere I go people screaming 'let's go champ' it's just amazing; kids, elderly people, when it comes to boxing you can't beat Great Britain.
I've been doing breathing routines for years. It is massive. It helped me in commentary as well.
In a tournament like the World Cup, you have got to be on top of your game every game.
When you are watching a cricket match, and a side is 140 for 5 and another 100 plus to get in trying conditions and when you get that without losing a wicket, not only is that entertainment, it shows all the qualities a sportsperson should have to reach the top level.
MS Dhoni is a massive influence on the team. He is a living legend in the dressing room and an ornament to the game.
You've got to nip things that can be detrimental in the bud, even if this raises a few eyebrows or invites some opposition.
Half the guys commenting on MS Dhoni can't even tie their shoelaces.