Best Love quotes

To love one's country, the governance should be good. But politicians are addicts of power. It is because they don't read that they have become so inhuman. Reading is what makes humans, humans.
Everybody loves good humour and in movies, we are in search of things that make viewers laugh.
I love doing humorous roles and I write my characters that way. But I haven't received many offers from others to do comedy.
I hurt hard and I love hard.
I love London, it's a great place to be.
I love boxing, but there's a business side. I don't like a lot of people in the sport.
I'd love to be in the Olympics and face Felix Savon again. But if I can't, I'll make the best of it. Life ain't over.
I love coverage, bring it on, as simple as that.
From the very beginning of my career, I never planned anything. I did whatever came to me. Not that I never did positive roles but people loved me more as a villain. That's how I got this negative image.
If the entire product is good, then no matter what the language of the film is, people will love it.
I love KIFF. No one can stop me from being a part of it. I have always watched good movies there. Earlier on, that was the only space to watch good cinema.
We should celebrate love on all the 365 days.