Best Last quotes

I've been in this league for 12 years. They can say I don't take the game serious, but somebody who don't take the game serious don't last this long.
The last thing you want to do is go up against someone in your own party and certainly your own president.
Congressional Republicans have come to understand that their last, best hope of blocking bad policy from the White House is through spending bills.
Most raves used to end by getting CS gassed. It wouldn't be like: 'Last orders! We've gotta go!' It'd be: 'Sigh, it's been CS gassed, we've gotta leave.'
It's like I learned in the military: the officers always ate last. When you're responsible for people, that's how it should be.
Del Bosque was axed by Madrid for failing to retain the Champions League in 2003 but his sacking triggered the start of a spell when they won nothing for four years and failed to get beyond the Champions League's last 16.
I've been in the position where Liverpool needed to win on the last day to reach the Champions League. In May 2000, we needed to beat Bradford, who were fighting to avoid relegation, at Valley Parade but lost an awful game 1-0.
Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso was always bemused by our enthusiasm for tackling, because he saw it as the last resort.
The thing about this league that I've learned is that you can't really harp too much on your last game. The next game is the most important game and you've got to prepare for that.
I don't write Plastic Ono Band stuff, though I love that record.
When you're a coach there's no age limit. It's the results that make you last.
For an average noun or an average verb, an average mind can quickly create reference. Where did they hear it? See it? What does it remind them of? What is its connection? When was it last used in conversation? What has been my experience with it? A host of memories appear when you hear a word you remember.