Best Humor quotes

I love doing humorous roles and I write my characters that way. But I haven't received many offers from others to do comedy.
I inherited my dad's sense of humor and work ethic.
There are very few topics where I can imagine that you might not find humor. And I was stunned at how much weird and dark humor there was when my mom died.
I always thought that the film would be successful if we captured Harvey Milk, like the way Harvey really was-the personality, the humor, the corny bad jokes, all of it.
Obviously I had a different sense of humor when I was 13.
We want to be just like the greatest band. But I think we're just sort of both naturally humorous fellas.
In terms of what influenced me, I grew up on The Beatles, and I always was struck by their dry British sense of humor.
Even conservative columnists tend to prefer humor that isn't fit to print.
I just have a crazy sense of humor.
The thing about Black Eyed Peas is we're very humorous. All we do is laugh all day.
All the greatest comedians use comedy and humor to release pain and sadness, and I think that instead of wanting to live within my pain, or live within my sadness, I try to be funny and look at things with a funny view.
I think everybody would admit that we've got a sense of humor.