Best Honest quotes

Honestly, I feel better at 35 than I did at 25.
As long as we know the job we are doing and we are honest to our jobs, as long as support staff we are helping players channelise their energies in the right direction, we are not worried about what critics say.
There is a group of people that I think in good faith honestly believe that further curtailing our Second Amendment rights will enhance public safety. But there's another group that just hates the Second Amendment.
The fight against racial bias in society will not be won by hounding Liam Neeson or boycotting his films. It will be won by allowing honest discussions about why people hold biased views and exposing the flawed logic behind them.
Policing language and even legislating against certain behaviours will only go so far to address the pervasive problem of racial bias. To get at the root cause we must have open, honest and sometimes painful conversations.
I am Jack Swagger. My background, it's there for the world to see, and you look at MMA today, you look at boxing today, you look at professional kickboxing today, you need that entertainment value. You want people to relate to you as a character, as a personality. Honestly, that's what they're going to remember.
My day-to-day existence is, honestly, a little boring.
I feel like anytime you write about people in an honest way, you can find connections to any issue you would like.
Honestly, my goal is just to let people hear my story and just like, feed everybody that could relate to my story in any way.
But when I'm asked a question I will answer it honestly. There is no spin here.
Rhe language of politics is experienced by most as spin with the assumption of dishonesty.
To be honest, I've always been forthright.