Best Helped quotes

A doctor prescribed testosterone for depression and it truly helped me.
I've been doing breathing routines for years. It is massive. It helped me in commentary as well.
I experienced different things growing up as a child that helped me. That helped mold me into the man that I am now, to the athlete that I am now.
I started seeing how I wanted my story to be told. Going to jail is one of the best things that happened to me. It helped me get my mind right.
Work extremely hard, but as you continue to rise up the ladder, never forget your roots or where you came from or the people that helped you along the way. Humility takes people the farthest.
I was actually going to go to a conservatory after I graduated college, now I'm thankful that Pentatonix happened because I'm working with singers in this realm of mainstream music, and to learn about how all that comes together has really helped my cello playing.
I think being part of Pentatonix has helped my arrangement style a lot, and that's helped me expand myself.
Obviously the music I listened to growing up helped create my musical pallet. My parents were into pop, soul, disco, RNB, Latin, jazz and Middle Eastern music.
I was very lucky to hear the story of Harvey Milk, it was life-saving for me. I wanted to share it in case it helped others, but the story of one gay man isn't going to do it.
I want to be remembered as a Miss Universe who overcame her fears and helped other women overcome theirs.
As I got older I learned how to control my temper a little more. Boxing helped me a lot and most definitely when I had my first child it helped me tremendously.
I had a great teacher in my brother and my dad, and to be able to follow Kurt's footsteps has helped out a whole bunch.