Best Health quotes

The Democratic position seems to be everything is going to be free. Free education. Free health care. Free housing. Free love. Free kittens, I don't know.
Because I have experienced a prosperous, healthy and happy existence, I must have been a decent person in a past life.
I come from a background in the military where everyone had health care. We understood the value of education as a given. You learn a skill, earn a pension and go on to 'Be all that you can be'... You invest in people. You hold people accountable.
For a public option, I voted for that when I was in Congress, and the Senate couldn't stand up to the health insurance industry and took it out.
The citizens of this nation gave us - my wife and I - a health care plan that saved our daughter's life.
To be productive and focused, the rugged individuals in our economy need health security so that our country can remain competitive and agile in the changing economy.
We must make sure the stigma is removed around mental health and commanders must make it clear on a consistent basis that their door is open for everyone. Servicemembers need to know that command is there for them, to offer assistance however and wherever needed.
We were rugged individualists in the Navy, but we all had health care.
I feel every time I have 12 good songs for a new album, I am in with a chance to compete with the big boys. As long as I have that attitude, it's healthy.
We all benefit from the shared experiences of our partners from around the world. Our education, health care, business and public sector institutions rely on these relationships to deliver on their missions every single day.
My first campaign message is: You can fight an election with clean and healthy methods without resorting to dirty tricks and cheap talk. This is my first agenda.
When I had a mental breakdown I was 26 and the most important thing before that was my work. And I still adore it. But it was all that mattered and everything else was secondary: my relationship, my family, my own health.