Best Happening quotes

As much as footballers want to talk about how terrible it is for them, look at what's happening in the black community of kids without an education and who haven't got jobs.
I learn in different ways. If I can visualize what's going on and see what's happening, I can go out there and do it out there on the field.
I stay up night after night looking at new software, seeing new trends, what music's happening you know you've just got stay constantly connected and that's just something that I do and I think is really important.
Before I hit any country I always do my research. I look at what's on the chart there, what's worked in the last few years. As a deejay, as a producer, that's when I get editing. I bring my own edits of tracks that are really cool and happening out there.
When I got shot, it changed my life tremendously, and put me on the right path. And that's when everything started happening there for me with boxing and my family and just everything. My life just took a big turn and started going uphill.
We are a family that likes to keep things abreast about what's happening in the country so dinner table conversations revolve around Social, political, films... a bit of everything. Films we talk about the least in fact.
To give every child a fair chance to succeed, we need to give them the best possible start in life. For far too many that isn't happening.
Moscow is a big city. It's all nerves - something's always happening somewhere. D.C. is a quiet, calm family town.
In my opinion, gentrification can sometimes affect what's happening on the ends. You're placing people in different places, moving them around, and you're taking them out of their comfort zone and into places they're not used to being in.
But there comes a landing point, where you finally get to a stage where you have something to hang your hat on. Then your family see that this is definitely happening and you’re making a success of it.
I mean I do believe there is a responsibility of the entertainment industry in general with everything that is happening with the world, with violence and with climate change and with the stereotypes with Latinos or any community.
Just as your own existence is unlikely and far from inevitable, the evolution of modern humans as a species depended on a whole string of chance events - some happening in the environments our ancestors inhabited, and some inside their own bodies, including random mutations in their DNA.