Best Given quotes

I believe that the purpose of cinema is to entertain. The so-called geniuses may have given new meanings to it, but for those who developed cinema, the aim was to entertain.
I have never given others a chance to exploit me.
India has given too much emphasis on players' records than on the actual performance of the team.
Thankfully, TV has given me another platform to showcase my versatility.
As an actor, I should justify the role given to me. So, as a villain, my job was to make people hate me.
Most of us believe, or should believe, that every child can learn, given the opportunity, but try substitute teaching just once and you will see firsthand the socioeconomic issues that distract our kids from taking advantage of that opportunity.
Until we change our perception of a BAME person's capabilities, in all walks of life, we will be given less opportunities and less time to succeed.
Young English managers don't get enough time, young black managers aren't given enough time, there are a lot of reasons why.
I come from a background in the military where everyone had health care. We understood the value of education as a given. You learn a skill, earn a pension and go on to 'Be all that you can be'... You invest in people. You hold people accountable.
On the aircraft carrier under my command, where the average age of sailors was 19 and a half, you could see accountability in action at all times. You especially saw it when an order was given that a plane about to launch suddenly must be switched out for another and kept on board.
If you want trophies, they don't get given to you, you have to earn them, you have to play well in big games.
Tom Brady has given a tremendous amount of happiness joy and amazement to people all over New England and to fans outside New England as well.