Best Freedom quotes

It's all about representing the forgotten men and women, to make sure that they have a voice and members of the Freedom Caucus take that very seriously.
If there's a conservative district and we have a commitment from someone to join the Freedom Caucus, that sends a very strong message.
My colleagues and friends in the Freedom Caucus believe something very simple: Our country deserves a secure border and immigration laws that put the safety, security and prosperity of Americans first.
Regrettably, the Obama administration has chosen to take a lackadaisical approach to religious freedom, and allowed IRFA to fade into the background.
The U.S. is supposed to be a beacon of hope to the world - the shining city on a hill where freedom is available to all and individual liberties are protected.
We are the first on the frontline to go into countries to liberate people in the name of freedom - that's what we've claimed. And now, all of a sudden, they need our help and we turn them away. Yet the rest of Europe stands ready to help. Why are we the first to jump ship?
We only won our freedom because of our allies, and we can only sustain it because of them.
Coming to WWE, where they treat the talent a certain way, I really gravitated toward Bellator because you saw the trend in fighters wanting to go over there because they were getting better deals and getting more freedom with it.
At school, I was basically a loner, it was hard until I was 15 or so. Then I went to art school and was gifted with freedom to do the things I really wanted to do.
I've supported a lot of folks with a lot of points of view. But I have concerns about Mr. Trump's temperament. Some of the things he's said about women, Muslims and religious freedom, I just can't support.
I've carried witty banners against laws that would curtail my freedoms.
We should seek to love our lives and live fully, but not to extend them indefinitely. We should love our children exuberantly, but not cling to them or curtail their freedoms. We should treasure the material world without seeking to own and control it.