Best Franchise quotes

If we can ape other shows or even start Indian versions of international series by taking their franchise, why can't we take our shows to an international level?
I'm extremely proud to be part of the 'Fast' franchise, it is an experience I will always treasure.
Dabangg' is an actor-driven franchise.
You just can't put a '3' after the title of the film. If you have a franchise that has worked, it does not mean that you can go on making it.
I have made my mark as an actor and I have also established myself as a producer with a franchise like 'Dabangg.'
If you look at Disney's slate compared to the other Hollywood studios, it stands out because of big titles and strong franchise films which also extend beyond cinemas, to merchandising or theme parks given the legacy of the four brands - Disney, Pixar, Marvel and now Lucasfilm.
No. 2 pick, you're supposed to do a job - you're supposed to turn the franchise around. And I don't think I did it to the best of my abilities. I didn't live up to that standard.
A franchise player, to me, is a guy like Kirby Puckett, Cal Ripken, a guy who's been in one organization through their entire career.
The range of 'Doctor Who' is, I would argue, bigger than the range of any other television program or movie franchise.
The opportunity to co-host a program within the ‘Fox & Friends' franchise is truly an incredible milestone in my career.
What's great about 'Spy Hunter' is that we have an amazing title, an awesome car, and a great theme song, and we can use that to launch a new franchise that hopefully will compete with the other ones but just be kind of the more fun, video game version of a spy movie.
I hadn't seen 'The Purge' until I was trying to do the research for it. But it was my friends and my cousins, in particular, who came to me not too long before the audition process and asked me if I had seen it. They were talking about how great it was. I was engaged in the opportunity to do the film because of their intrigue with the franchise.