Best Efficient quotes

Kylian is able to do extraordinary things. Look at his stats. He is efficient.
It happens to attackers that they have a longer or shorter period where they are not always efficient.
I can assure people of Mandya that I will be an efficient voice of the district. Farm distress is a cause of concern and I want to fight it.
We are building a truly integrated, efficient, and modern transit network across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Commuters deserve nothing less than the full support of our next federal government.
We're seeing a move toward making things that either chemistry cannot make or can't make efficiently but biology does.
Microbes such as bacteria and yeast use enzymes to make fuels from biomass. We use directed evolution to perfect those enzymes and make new fuels efficiently.
The human knee is complex and prone to failure in a variety of ways; there’s a lot of muscle mass low down in the legs which makes moving them fairly inefficient.
Our long, flexible lumbar spines are great in many ways - they help us to run efficiently, for instance. But they have their drawbacks. The lumbar vertebrae are under great strain, and as we age, the ligaments that hold the pulpy centres of the intervertebral discs in place dry out.
It's really hard just making dinner as a single parent, but I'm figuring it out. I just have to be more focused and efficient with my little scraps of time that I do have.
As we get further into our career we're figuring out how to become more efficient as artists, and doing so many different things is testament to our cohesiveness as the Roots.
Beginning with the launch of targeted interventions, including through the tax return process, we will look to find simple and efficient ways in which we can support people to save.
Normally, it's more efficient to climb fast.