Best Dreams quotes

I am not bothered about money. I have no dreams that feature money. I dream only of good cinema and good scripts.
I want to follow my dreams. I want to make sure that I put myself first and accomplish what I need to accomplish.
We haven't got those dreams: 'I wish to become doctor or a lawyer.' Black people in South Africa have been barred in doing anything that would articulate their cause.
Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be living in a safari park!
I hope I can inspire every little boy and girl to reach their own dreams.
Nothing will land on your lap, you need to work hard and fight for your dreams.
I had to go to the other side of the world to reach my dreams; it is possible.
I urge everyone who believes in what we're doing, or wants to believe in dreams coming true, to support AEW by spreading the word and passing the wrestling bug onto someone else.
Anyone who plays in the NHL dreams to win the Stanley Cup and I dreamed as well to be one of them and raise the cup in Washington and bring it home to Moscow and celebrate with my friends and my parents.
I didn't know exactly what to expect when I first came to Seattle but I have to say that how the city and the fans have embraced me has gone beyond my wildest dreams and for that I am forever grateful.
You know, songs like 'Rock'n Me' were actually written to be played in large... for a hundred thousand people kind of gatherings. And a lot of what came out on 'Fly Like an Eagle' and 'Book of Dreams' was music that was put together to be played in big, big venues with big light shows.
Face life's challenges with confidence, dare to pursue your dreams and live to the fullest just as my father did.