Best Computers quotes

One thing about computers and iPhones is they're making people mentally lazy.
I always wanted to be a pilot, though somewhere down the line switched to computers.
The whole thought of a career with computers - given that hardly anybody even knew what they were - it wasn't even a concept.
With the appearance of communications networks and interconnected computers, we got the world wide web, and it changed the lives of most people, I think.
I started working at a point in history when digital computers were becoming mature, and before that, there were no such machines.
Because the last time I saw my family was 2015. Sometimes I even forget what they look like, you know? It’s so hard to communicate with them. Because Turkish police raided my house. They took electronics away, computers away. They wanted to see if I’m still in contact with my family or not. Any single text, they will all be in jail.
Just remember, in 1973, we had no digital cameras, no personal computers, no Internet. The thought of putting a billion transistors in a cell phone was ludicrous.
I do like to get away from technology. I still read a lot. Having said that, most of my reading is on computers or a Kindle or an iPad.
My mother worked for Confederation of Indian Industry, and Aptech Computers.
My dad used to build computers for the U.S. government, for military intelligence. So he always had computers around the house.
My mom bought a computer in the '80s to do accounting, and she was so smart at computers that we spent all our time with them. My childhood was sitting on the floor of her office and figuring out how to program with my mom.
I call the blockchain 'the Internet of value' and 'the Internet of trust.' Because everything becomes trustless. It's a big distributed ledger. Think of it like an Excel file that's being maintained and updated and managed by millions of computers around the world.