Best Circumstances quotes

We believe it is essential to establish federal emission reduction targets that can vary by state or region with policy flexibility for states to design solutions that work for their unique circumstances. Such targets would level the playing field and send a clear signal to business and industry as we transition to a clean energy economy.
There are exceptional schools in many of our most disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the Commonwealth. Proving they can get it done for kids, no matter what their circumstances.
I under no circumstances want to be seen as a victim. I have worked with victims of sexual violence and I don't have a candle to hold to the experiences of those victims.
A reactionary is fixed on the past and wanting to return to it; a conservative wishes to adapt what is best in the past to the changing circumstances of the present.
Unfortunately, relationships always end for a reason. When it happens it is a time for reflection of course, because one has to always learn from those circumstances.
And when I won Miss Universe, I got a global platform, which gave me a louder voice to be able to reach more women from every corner of the world. No matter where we live, our circumstances or how we grew up, we want to feel love, we want to feel cared for, and we want to feel powerful.
No matter what the circumstances are, we the fighters need to speak up and make it be known we want to fight each other. We go to our promoters and managers and tell them to get it done because at the end of the day, we're the ones fighting, the ones making them the money.
One the reasons I talk about my story is I want other people who are in the circumstances I was in to understand they are just as good and as valuable as everyone else.
Under any circumstances, if I had to return to Turkey and face the gallows, I will not blink an eye.
When you go to a new country, you don't have the same facilities as you had in the one before. You adapt very quickly to the circumstances.
I don't think any of the journalists in 'Broadchurch' are villainous. I think they're all trying to do their jobs under difficult circumstances.
The Espionage Act is very broadly written. It doesn't make distinguish - or it doesn't make distinctions between categories of people that can receive and publish information and under what circumstances.