Best Character quotes

I love doing humorous roles and I write my characters that way. But I haven't received many offers from others to do comedy.
In 'Njan Prakashan,' we set aside conventional definitions of a hero. Fahadh Faasil does not play a protagonist who wins all the time and you can see the character flee during fights. Such a hero is a rarity and the viewers could easily identify with him.
Saroj Kumar is a fictitious character who is free to think anything.
I do not want to be a part of Hindi cinema's rat race. But yes, if I get offers and characters which I feel would suit me as well as make some difference to me, I will do a Hindi film.
There used to be times when I used to be bothered about box office, director, producer, the actress... If those ticks were marked, I used to say 'yes' to a film. Later on, my focus absolutely changed. Now if a character stays with me for two to three nights, I say 'yes' to the film.
I am open to do a Telugu, Tamil or Malayali movie. If I get a good script and good character, I will surely do it.
It builds character, it builds chemistry, when you're fighting amongst each other and able to brush it off and still talk and still have fun with each other.
I know Judge Roy Moore to be not only be a man of character in spite of the tens of millions of dollars that are flowing into Alabama to suggest otherwise.
It's the oldest trick in Washington - when presented with a policy solution you don't like, characterize it as the bogeyman.
You fight for your character in the script. It's part of our job to evolve them, show all sides of them.
You may think it's weird working with a cartoon band but there are a lot of characters in grime, especially since the early days.
You can do a lot of impromptu in dubbing. You can bring in different characters and different accents.