Best Be Patient quotes

Don't get me wrong, the fans are great for us. But the fans, and the players, all of us together have to realise we have to be patient.
It is so hard to be patient and wait for the right script to come your way.
And I have to be willing to be patient to allow God’s plan to unfold and not go ahead and try to make my own circumstances happen for me. So, I’ve learned that He can be trusted for every need and desire but at the same time that may require patience on my end.
I just have to try to be patient, keep working hard and doing my best.
I can't speak on anybody else's free agencies, how that's going, but for myself, it helps to kind of be patient and let it happen.
This is Test cricket. Being positive is not far away from being reckless. For all that the sport has become more fast-flowing and entertaining, you still need batsmen whose first instinct is to be patient.
You have to be patient and bide your time and hopefully your chance will come.
Be patient and always keep persevering.
For all his tactical genius Guardiola is also a manager who can be patient and loyal, who backs players to come out of bad patches and hit golden patches.
The want to get more runs increases when there is a dearth of it. At those times, it is important to be patient and keep your calm.
I have to be patient, keep performing, and be consistent.
In the U.A.E., the wickets are on the slower side. You can't play through the line; you need to take your time and be patient.