Parents Quotes is a collection of great quotes that can make you think, laugh, and reflect to what it actually means to be a good parent. It’s mixed in with life quotes, inspirational sayings, and even funny quotes which will definitely make you appreciate how great your parents are and really reflect upon yourself and your own parenting experience. The collection of quotes are from different sources but from the same general sources which include advice and stories of parents who have been great parents in their own way. Some may be disturbing, while some may be comical. But no matter what category it falls into, it’ll always be a great source of comfort and inspiration for all parents out there.

parents quotes


“A mother was looking for her son and found him/her/himself an unbreakable bond!” – Unknown. This famous quote is from Anna Kournikova, who is definitely a mother by the heart. However, it has been used to talk about the bond between mothers and their children and not fathers. But what is definitely true with this quote is that when you’ve got a strong unbreakable bond with your parents, you’re definitely not giving up on the dream of having a family of your own.


“I am not a father, but I am a mother” – George Clooney. This famous line from his movie Good Will Hunting made quite a splash back then but is still one of the most famous parents quotes ever. Not only does it talk about how great parents would be together, but it also talks about how mothers need to understand that they cannot be a complete mother unless she became a father someday.