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Black people are more likely to be incarcerated than white people. That's just a fact and it's regrettable and it's got to change.
I love playing the songs that people love because it makes them happy.
I do think we're at a point in our history where almost all of the big, grand, challenges faced by the human race are those that demand a scientific solution: climate change; access to clean water; over-crowding; plastic waste.
I'm not interested in making an album that's just dark and pummelling for an hour, nor am I interested in making a beatless record from start to finish.
The thing that the Microsoft folks did a really good job of is the easy-to-use tools for making application-building simple.
A&E eggnog, there's nothing like it anywhere on Earth. It's the best liquid ever made.
I think we're past the point in entertainment where you can have one thing and explode. If you have one thing, people ask, 'All right, what else?' You have to be multihyphenate.
My life's a book; I've got a bunch of different chapters.
I love Philadelphia.
I love how it feels to go into the gym, crank all my favorite music and literally sweat out all of the things that stress me out.
Generally I try to be as healthy as possible, but it's hard to be on set because anything and everything is available to you. I'm healthy half the time, and half the time I'm like, 'Sure let me go back and see whatever snack they have laid out.'
I grew up watching 'Gilmore Girls' with my older cousins!
I have zero filters.
Nobody can bowl six out of six yorkers. So you have to mix your pace. You have to bowl bouncers, mix up the pace.
It's important to have an imagination.
With my quality, I feel I can bring a lot to a team that I will join. I want to show it in the big leagues: England, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France.
The haters out there, I don't really pay attention to them, because I feel like I'm doing the best I can, and I just don't want that negativity into my heart and into my mind.
We don't have control over many things. We're always grasping for it, but in reality, we don't have a lot of control.
We're notorious for living up to our namesake. We're all about love. That's how we roll, even when it's to a fault.
It's mentally hard. There are times when you're set back again, and you don't know what to do.
I've got no desire to be famous myself.
My mother learnt Mohiniyattam as a child, and my father loved singing.
Before 'Grease,' John Travolta was a big star from 'Welcome Back Kotter'... but that's not where I met him. I met him at unemployment when we first moved to California.
Everything has been put into what we all wanted at Spurs. Everybody wanted to become a top team, and that is what we have tried to do.
I do believe I did see UFOs, in Leicester.
If you want to fight the best, you come fight Blessed.
Cub Swanson's a guy you either get through or you don't, and I fought him when he was on a nice winning streak.
I've certainly been in situations where I've been rejected and endangered and had my humanity put in question - just as almost every woman on the planet has.
Tupac is definitely an icon. There'll never be another Tupac, so I'm not gonna ever, ever try to fill those shoes. I'm just gonna stay in my lane and be the best me that I can be.
Linda's in all the songs. 'Sunshine Superman,' 'Hampstead Incident,' 'Young Girl Blues'... Linda's the muse.
I'm not really a trend person.
I started off at a local newspaper called 'The Middle East Times,' which is no longer in existence. I remember one of the earliest stories that I wrote for them was a study about domestic violence in Egypt from a government-run research institute think tank.
Each employed immigrant has his or her place of work. It is only the taxi driver, forever moving on wheels, who occupies no fixed space. He represents the immigrant condition.
I will restore a government based on principle and justice.
What's the trick to writing a good bad guy? Well, for me, it's always been the idea that you pit yourself against authority, you know? I think that's what it takes - and then you can write villainous characters.
How do I make the son, daughter, wife of Paterno interesting? Then you just have to start seeing people.
We can assure you today that there is no E. coli in Chipotle. We have thoroughly tested our food, we have thoroughly tested our surfaces, and we are confident that Chipotle is a safe place to eat.
It's hard to describe what it's like to live with a concussion. You want to enjoy things like you used to, but you can't. You wake up in the morning and wonder how you're going to feel that day: What will my reactions be like? Will I have a headache? Will I have to triple check to see if I unplugged the flat iron?
I think there's something very disingenuous about literally all people who say that they don't care about anyone's approval.
I'm confident ITT will get what it deserves.
When things start running a bit too well on the tracks, I tend to derail them if I can.
Do things that are uncomfortable to do. I say that because women tend to step back from things that they don't know about. And the second, most important one is, push through the fear.
My father was a studio musician, played for a lot of people like Frank Zappa and a lot of R&B bands, and was always gone doing that. Then when he was home, he was practicing. And so I always saw it, and I always wanted to do what he did.
When people want to lose weight, they get to a point where they are desperate and looking for the new thing that is going to work miracles. But at the end of the day, there is no such thing.
There is great power in deference. Deference works with everybody.
The Ku Klux Klan is the most profligate domestic terrorist organization in this country's history.
In Morocco, a Muslim country, I got to hear the call to prayer five times a day. At first it felt kind of scary, kind of dangerous, because of the propaganda towards anything Muslim in the U.S. subconsciously coming out in me. By the end of the trip, it was so beautiful, and then not hearing it when I got back to L.A. really threw me off.
I think that I identify with my role in pretty much everything I have tried to do. I try to find something that I can understand about each character's behavior.
I think I just knew in my head there was something special about 'My Church,' and getting to accept a Grammy for it was just proof that I made the right decision.
I haven't ever had so many women come up to me and tell me that I made them cry. And they're smiling about it, which is kind of an odd thing. Usually it's not a good thing.
We start 2016 with a command: that the subject of Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame is over, finis, kaput forever and ever. As sure as we will no longer discuss whether Lindsey Graham or George Pataki can be president.
After graduating in International Relations in 2011, I turned down safe, corporate job offers and instead accepted a position at an 'incubator' in L.A. - a tech word for a team of people who are funded by investors to create apps. I knew the future was digital and that I had to take a risk.
My music is a personal thing, and I feel like if I talk too much about the songs, or if there's too much of my personal life out there, it ruins it.
Discovering that our solar system has many more planets than we ever expected, and that most of them are ice dwarfs rather than like Earth and the other rocky terrestrials, is just another step in the revolution in viewpoint that removed the Earth from the center of the physical universe and makes Earth all the more special.
It's a job. I entertain my readers. I get up in the morning, and I start typing.
When people start to perceive you as the big guy, you're not allowed to be scrappy, fierce.
Why young men from the country become firefighters is hard to explain to people who are not from the country. For most of us, it's not about the rush, which fades with time, or the paycheck. We could earn more working for the railroad or a car dealership. I figure it's about the land.
You don't decide to paint. It's like getting hungry and going to the kitchen to eat. It's a need, not a choice.
If you know how to shoot a scene, then you know how to shoot an action scene. If you've seen an action movie, and you watched it, and you paid attention to how scenes are constructed and where the camera is and how the camera moves, then you know how to do it.
When I grew up, I never - I wasn't allowed to go out. I missed my prom because I went to an AAU tournament and all that stuff. For me, it was basketball, basketball, basketball.
I remember I did a boxing class. I remember sparring one time, and the guy smacked me right in the nose, and I was just like, 'What is this? No. No. None of that.
I had to work hard to keep up with my mom. That's where I learned it from. She's a freak.
It is one of the best clubs in the world by far. I'm loving Manchester City.
You've got to swank in Hollywood.
If you have a situation where you need help, it doesn't make any difference where it comes from.
My determination is not to remain stubbornly with my ideas, but I'll leave them and go over to others as soon as I am shown plausible reasons which I can grasp.
Subprime mortgages, typically defined as those issued to borrowers with low credit scores, make up roughly the riskiest one-third of all mortgages.
You never have any idea where your movie's going to go when you're shooting - you're in this little bubble.
I think when you focus on the work, it becomes a simpler pursuit.
A buddy of mine is doing a documentary on decisions, and they're not based on a ton of logic. It's mostly how you relate to them emotionally.
My personal pride is not strong enough to make me brave. But I don't know why I equate being brave with fighting.
It turns out that Donald Trump has been very good at buying low and selling high, and it helps account for his amazing business success.
I can't distract myself enough here, for sketches to a new opera are constantly buzzing around in my head, to the extent that I need all my strength to wrest myself from them.
I know what unemployment means because I was unemployed for one-and-a-half years, and I know the drama that the worker and unemployed worker faces. I know the world of the labor union better than I think anyone else does.
In America, they are very respectful of your work. People are not judgmental. They like difference - to be different is a force. In France, you have to be like the girl next door.
I come from a very humble background. My father had to work really hard to become an assistant director. For a large part of his youth, he worked in a mill and took up odd jobs to make ends meet. We lived in a small room and could only afford a meal a day.
As a former teacher and someone who has devoted her entire career to children and public schools, I understand the pain and frustration of parents who feel their children are not receiving the education they deserve.
I'm the farthest thing from a foodie or a food snob. Those people terrify me.
When you are on a climb, you always pick out people's words of encouragement, and it can push us on, without doubt.
I believe in limited government. I know what the welfare state has done to the black community.
Arabs have the right to visit everywhere in the Land of Israel, and Jews have the right to visit every place in the Land of Israel.
We ought to be able to forgo the constant need to raise money and just focus on working together to solve the problems this country faces.
The American people do not want their taxpayer dollars funding any activity that runs counter to the security of our nation or our ally Israel.
I try to put myself in others' shoes: How does any country give up any sovereignty and expect to survive as a government? I don't think that any Philippine president, or any leader for that matter, can afford to give up any portion of territorial sovereignty. That would be political suicide.
I've never had an acting lesson in my life. I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing.
When I show up in New York, and I look at the skyline, it's like showing up in a mountain range. My gaze goes toward the most impressive-looking climb. It's always gone to the top of the World Trade Center.
Employees can make happiness when they maximize their brainwork voluntarily and enthusiastically. Management should focus on setting up an atmosphere.
It's amazing to get one Olympic gold, but you have to be a legend to get two. And that's definitely my aim.
Coming from a YouTube perspective, a lot of times you kind of limit yourself and think, 'Oh, artists from the real world wouldn't want to work with someone who's made their career on YouTube.' But more and more, I'm realizing that artists from both sides are learning that we can benefit from each other.
The first Western teacher of English in Japan was a Native American.
I was a confused young girl with so much tragedy. Sometimes when you're going through stuff, the last person you're thinking exists is God. I mean, it was my confusion, the anger that was in my heart, all that drama. But thank God I know God now, okay?
I was 14 years old in August of 1968 and had earned the money and had managed to get tickets as a guest of the Massachusetts delegation to the Republican convention in Miami and where I was on the floor in the Rockefeller demonstrations.
Any radical change or trauma always makes for interesting subject matter, but then all stories deal, to some extent, with the disjuncture between past and present.
We're building what I call 'software apartheid.' We're in the process of creating a divided society: those who can use technology on one side, and those who can't on the other. And it happens to divide neatly along economic lines.
I have the most beautiful souls in my life supporting me and helping me to follow my dreams. I love them more than I can ever express in words.
Everything is expressed through relationship. Colour can exist only through other colours, dimension through other dimensions, position through other positions that oppose them. That is why I regard relationship as the principal thing.
I wrote for free for, like, fifteen years; I could redo my parlor in rejection slips. It would be surprisingly tasteful - they use nice paper.
What we are going to offer is not a one-way communication, but one-to-one communication.
Instant access to anything is the future. So if you need a tutor or a baby sitter or a massage or any service, it's going to be instantly available, 24 hours a day, through your phone, with one click.
I feel a strong affinity to Ke$ha and Katy Perry and a lot of these women who are really pushing the girl power femme fatale thing. It's fun, and it's unapologetic, and they tell women they can do whatever they want, and that's true, and that's a message that I want to carry, to tell girls they can do whatever they want.
If you want to help somebody, make sure you're coming from a place of clarity and complete non-judgment; that way, you can begin to understand their journey, too.
I tell you, being on a soap is the hardest work, and it gets so old. Get on your mark, get in the light, don't turn too far upstage - that's all it is.