If people know you have the big bazooka, you probably don't have to use it.
Wilbur Ross
If people know you have the big bazooka, you probably don't have to use it.
Big Know People Use You
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There's a difference when you want something and when you need something.
My love for interior designing has always been there.
Sometimes a player can look like a million bucks on tape, but in real life, the kid can't play a lick.
People automatically think that because you attack, you can't defend. Not true.
Sometimes players can have some ups-and-downs after they have done well and then lose a few matches in a row.
I know 'Lost' used to drive people mad trying to anticipate what was happening or what something meant.
I feel very lucky that I've chosen to work in a style that is based on good vibes, and you tend to get good vibes in return. But I don't take it for granted. It was a choice.
Sleep is my best friend... A friend that helps you dream, relaxes, recharges, and is there at the end of every day!
My family values are really, really important.
I think Google has got lots of great people who are really committed to doing good things for the world, and I think there are a lot of people who realize that. But, as we've been successful and we have a lot of responsibility on us to do this mission, we do take a lot of criticism, some of it well founded.
The main threat to the future of Europe is not those who want to come here to live but our own political, economic, and intellectual elites bent on transforming Europe against the clear will of the European people.
We just compare our lifestyle to movies so you can relate to them. When I say, 'I bought a carpet from Aladdin so I could finesse and do magic,' that means I had to get me a new whip or I had to get me something in disguise to work my magic, to finesse, to get out of here.
It's good to pay high taxes - you have free schools, free universities. It's a much more decent society than those where everybody pays their own way, and some people don't get anything.
In the legislative arena, especially when the country is closely divided, compromises tend to be the rule the day. But when judges rule this or that policy unconstitutional, there's little room for compromise: One side must win, the other must lose.
A judge sworn to decide impartially can offer no forecasts, no hints, for that would show not only disregard for the specifics of the particular case, it would display disdain for the entire judicial process.
I care about family issues.
It's the worst feeling, coming back after a performance when you are on a real high, and you go back alone to an apartment or a hotel room. People think we sit in hotels and eat bon bons. But the lifestyle can be very stressful.
On the PBS recording of 'The Light in the Piazza' backstage, you get to see me doing some sweet lunges down the hallway of the Vivian Beaumont.