My approach to the race is definitely just trying to win the race.
Valtteri Bottas
My approach to the race is definitely just trying to win the race.
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I'm a pretty personable guy, so I'll never shy away from a fan that wants to ask me a question or even introduce themselves.
I definitely have a real frustration with the media, especially having dealt with them as an agent.
I feel like a lyricist is somebody that writes their own lyrics. Now songwriters and lyricists are two totally different things. You can't really be a lyricist if you didn't write your lyrics. There's no passion, there's nothing in it coming from you. It's somebody else's feelings and you just taking it and running with it.
Normally, on the rare chance that a celebrity comes to my property, I get real nervous.
Mental illness and gun violence are not directly correlated, but when the two go hand in hand, Americans - often children - lose their lives.
I think when a new manager who has a specific way of playing comes to any league, he doesn't think about adapting but rather looks for ways to slowly implement his style so it can be developed for years to come.
The first news event I understood as a small child was the loss of the space shuttle Challenger, which President Reagan eloquently mourned from the Oval that evening.
A great speech can make you remember something about what you believe, about who you are, about who you want to be. It's rare when that kind of thing happens. But it is important, and it is real.
It's important to be enlightened.
I recorded songs with a great deal of meaning, songs of lasting material. That's the legacy I want to leave behind - a legacy of love.
Everyone wants to be UFC champion, and that's my goal and my dream.
I like Madonna a lot. I think she's really good, and I think she's a good singer.
Every first draft sucks, so when you have your favorite novel, and you're like, 'Wow, this is a masterpiece,' and then you write your first draft, and you're like, 'This is really bad,' and then you're like 'I can't do this because this is nowhere close.' When, in reality, the book you loved so much started out just as crappy.
In cyberwarfare, it is much harder to identify the attacker and, therefore, to know how to retaliate.
At the Olympics, I'm representing the United States as well as the town and people who helped shape me.
Washington, D.C., had never seen my style of politics.
Income splitting is not a wise investment for Canadians.
I am more into the old school guy than I am with the new school guys. I came in young and I had to pay my dues to be considered a vet. To be able to play for over 10 years at wide receiver, that's why I like looking at the older guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Teddy Ginn Jr., Brian Hartline. That's what I'm about.