I think the most interesting things happening in VR are going to be somewhere in between what you call a traditional game and what you call a traditional movie.
Tim Sweeney
I think the most interesting things happening in VR are going to be somewhere in between what you call a traditional game and what you call a traditional movie.
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I wrote 'My Teeth Hurt' in April 2018 when my teeth hurt and I didn't have dental insurance.
Mothers can do anything. They have ways of finding out if you have eaten or not.
I love experimenting with different kinds of workouts. It all depends on my mood and energy levels. Some days, it is a gruesome circuit; other days, it is weight training or Pilates.
For years, America has helped protect against terrorist attacks by telling Americans, 'If you see something, say something.' The same should go for protecting our elections against foreign interference.
My wife asks me daily to leave wrestling, but I will not leave my favourite sport. I will train others.
We want to destroy everything, not rebuild on the same rubble. We have different ideas. It is like any work. You have to have a clean slate. Then, you have a programme, a new way of thinking. It is a way of thinking. Not a restoration. Parties out. Citizens instead of parties.
I think race and racism is probably the most studied social, economic, and political phenomenon in this country, but it's also the least understood.
Everybody can rock a bikini, swimsuit, unicorn onesie... whatever floats your boat. If you wear it with confidence, you will look hot.
To me, this is one of the great things about writing kids' books: the illustrations.
I stay current and draw inspiration from Fashion Week in New York as well as just by scrolling through Instagram. The runways are always a good sign of what's to come, but I also get tons of ideas from real girls on the street.
It was really hard for them to intimidate me. They felt I was intimidating. One of the growers had a name for me: I think it was 'dragon lady' or something like it.
Directing feels great; I'm really happy to be doing this.
It sometimes seems that the only plan the Israeli government has for the Palestinians is for them to sit quietly while Israel does whatever takes its fancy, equipped with its army, with laws it promulgated, and with courts it established.
I'm not thinking about the next record really yet. I kind of want to do a bunch of stuff with Jonathan Zawada, the guy who did the album art. I'd like to do some crazy art installations and design some weird synthesizers and work with other people and make some fun stuff for a bit. Maybe tap into virtual reality stuff or maybe write another record.
I don't want any of my records to sound like one style throughout. That's why I choose different grooves and songs: tunes that are sensitive and slow as well as pieces that are abstract and fast. The approach I want to take with my records is to give the listener a variety of grooves, concepts, and composers.
You don't need to be within the single market to trade; it's not an issue.
Even in the early Eighties, when I was one of the most successful models in Britain, I didn't really have a voice. Time after time, when I should have spoken up, I simply walked away.
Being a director or a conductor is a balance of many things. And to do it right is a very difficult tightrope to walk. I've come to the conclusion that there's really no way to be one hundred percent popular as conductor.