I wouldn't say I have a bad temper.
Nana Patekar
I wouldn't say I have a bad temper.
Bad Say Temper
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We are affectionate BJP and not fascist as termed by the opposition.
I think 'Shade Room,' it's a different me. You know, I think it's more on the lyrical side, talking about my life and how I really feel. You know, all these things outside of football. And people really get to look at how I feel about things or how I look at certain things. It's not just a song, more so me just telling people how I feel.
Promoting is a no-no - that's hard work. Training is a full-time job, but I don't have time to do that full-time. But managing is something I'll be good at.
L.A. hip-hop is so different; it's so diverse. Out here, it's, like, funk-inspired; it's, like, '70s-skating-rink-inspired at times. It's Zapp-and-Roger-inspired; it's house-party-era-inspired.
I'm not saying that I don't like the stuff I put out into the world, because I genuinely enjoy my videos and think they are funny. What I'm saying is that I embrace the fact that I have a punchable face, and that if I could punch myself without feeling it, I would.
All leading brands started with and still possess the DNA of innovation and creativity, but it is often limited to one or two areas such as design or engineering. For a company to prosper, it must inject this innovative spirit into every aspect of the business.
Coming from a family who put a lot of emphasis on academics, I always thought I was going to be a lawyer.
Sometimes people have different views on different issues.
Even if you have something that you can contribute to society, very often society doesn't view you that way. Because when you are The Other, the first response by the mainstream, if you will, is to ostracize.
Putting my head on Ruth Buzzi's body - it's upsetting.
I just take rock songs and mix it with hip-hop and a little bit of R&B.
Mathematicians are always playing tricks on each other. They're always pulling jokes on each other.
We're learning a tremendous amount of propaganda from television and the Internet.
A lot of the stuff that I've done has been more drama and less comedy. I've had some opportunities to do some comedy, and I've often wanted to do that because it fits with me very comfortably because I talk too much, and I'm always saying the wrong thing all the time.
Any story that I can consider worth telling is one that you could tell in words.
My premise is not to tax to destroy the wealth of the wealthy; it's to increase the wealth of the bottom and the middle class.
I have always been fascinated by the supernatural elements in stories, whether fairy tales, myths, film or literature.
Yes, my fellow citizens, despite what the original Constitution of the United States says about the qualifications for statehood and the guarantee of representation in Congress, by every measure that truly matters in America (bigness, crowdedness, awesomeness, Texasness), Nebraska doesn't deserve its star on the American flag.