In 'Girlfriends,' I was exploring the idea of having it all. In 'Being Mary Jane,' I was exploring the idea that you have to be the center of everything.
Mara Brock Akil
In 'Girlfriends,' I was exploring the idea of having it all. In 'Being Mary Jane,' I was exploring the idea that you have to be the center of everything.
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Everybody loves a horror story because it's a roller coaster ride -you wait for the slow ride to the top then speed down with all the bumps, twists and turns.
Things that matter are a great story, entertainment, how the lead part moves the story forward and who the directors are.
I was born in Indonesia and will die in Indonesia.
Just because a coach does not get out the clubs after a match but instead focuses on what he says, that's not an indicator of cluelessness.
For me, at the level I'm playing at, I would love to finish my career at Liverpool if you gave me that option.
I am an actor, and not a clothes hanger. I am more than just my clothes.
I didn't even walk for graduation - I did graduate, though. I got this homeschool deal. I didn't have to go to school because I was depressed, and my mom wrote all these essays for me. I didn't write one of them. She literally got me my diploma.
My friends started making music, and then I started making covers because I was like, 'I don't have anything to write, but I like music.' So I would just cover Frank Ocean songs.
It's like there's a pulsating, hidden world, governed by ancient laws and principles, underlying everything around us - from the movements of electrical charges to the motions of the planets - and most people are completely unaware of it. To me, that's a shame.
I love being in the kitchen with my daughter right next to me on her step stool. It's sweet; we're connecting.
Going into my second Summer League, I felt like I had more knowledge. Just being around the game and learning your routines, and just learning from other guys that you're around, you feel like you pick up on a lot of stuff.
I have been to Pakistan many times and enjoyed every visit and it breaks my heart to see teams not playing in that country.
I'm not pro-Wall Street or anti-Wall Street. I'm pro-New York City.
A mountain of evidence shows that our bodies are pushing, shaping, even leading our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. That the body affects the mind is, it's fair to say, incontestable. And it's doing so in ways that either facilitate or impede our ability to bring our authentic best selves to our biggest challenges.
If you want to know anything about me, read my books - it's all there.
We got together as a group to come up with the idea for 'Toy Story 3' in the same cabin where we dreamed up 'Toy Story.'
If there's one thing I've shown, I'm not scared of physicality. I'm not scared to take some of my own blood. I play hurt; I play injured.
I feel sexy when I'm doing what I love - like when I'm singing or performing or something - that's when I feel the most in control and in my element.