Politics runs in every human being, and so does music.
Kapil Sibal
Politics runs in every human being, and so does music.
Quotes to Discover
Due to my serious kind of roles, people - apart from my close friends and family - did not know the real me.
I have a couple of properties. Bought some houses and just rent them out.
I was obsessed with the character Atticus Finch. I really liked the idea of having a voice for the voiceless, getting someone justice against the odds. That really resonated with me.
It's hard for any man to take something thrown at his face and not to retaliate.
I've played under many managers - some fantastic, some average, and some not so good. Even if it's not intentional, you log the good ideas and the bad ones.
I am a very lazy person.
Let me tell you what it is like playing against Messi. You are up against a footballer who can take the ball either side of you, and you have no idea which side that might be from any hint about his body-shape.
Playing defense, it was a tough job, but it was pretty simple: When the ball came off, get in the backfield and create havoc and find the ball carrier.
Just recently, I thought about how maybe I should have kept using the synthesisers more after 'Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence'; then, I would have been a more unique soundtrack composer than I am now. It could have been my signature. But then, probably, Bertolucci would not have offered me to compose for his films.
Australia is not a secular country. It is a free country. This is a nation where you have the freedom to follow any belief system you choose.
I'm a Catholic, and not because I just happened to wake up as a Catholic. I'm not going to be persuaded on any topic, especially not that.
I think we're always scared, but we have each other to lean on, so we're not being extremely vulnerable in front of the world by ourselves. We have each other.
Writing about your family is the hardest thing, unless you had the perfect happy family life, which very few of us have had.
I always wanted to be able to show off like the guitar players do. I think I managed that alright!
Compared to other people, I am not that narcissistic. Sometimes, I don't even plan all that I wear.
When you work so much in between starts, you realize how long the season is. It's exciting to look at and be a part of, obviously. It's almost like a challenge, to see how, from start to start, things may feel a little differently.
When you close down your borders, you're helping people build up a lot of hate toward you. That ungenerosity is not only not very attractive, from a moral and social standpoint, but also it's not very effective as a means of defending the country.
Just as judges have enormous stake in the appointment of judicial officers in the higher judiciary, the government has an equal stake. Since both of us have stakes in the appointment of members of the higher judiciary, the consultation of both of them is absolutely necessary. The government must have a say.