Wear what you feel comfortable in and what suits your mood.
Jorja Smith
Wear what you feel comfortable in and what suits your mood.
Quotes to Discover
Obviously the music I listened to growing up helped create my musical pallet. My parents were into pop, soul, disco, RNB, Latin, jazz and Middle Eastern music.
People who put Europe in the center of the universe, they're very fragile.
After touring an album, you have this strange void that follows it, where you feel slightly displaced, like you've just finished with the circus and you've got to find a new job. You think, OK, what shall we do next.
You don't drive a NASCAR on the street, no matter how fun it might be, just like you don't need an AR-15 to protect yourself when walking home at night. No one does.
You can do whatever you wanna do. If you're a girl - girl, you get on the football team, okay? If you identify as a boy, you put on some makeup, and you work that stage!
I want to be able to show NFL teams, Whatever you need help at, I can play it.
Bam Bam Bigelow was an amazing athlete for his size.
I feel like I've been picky through the years and would do one movie a year or one movie every two years, and I want to work a lot more. So if I can find something that just happens right away as a director, I'll do it if I really love it, but otherwise, I want to keep working as an actor and getting better.
LeBron is like a coach. He is a coach on the floor. He has a great basketball IQ.
It's important for fans to follow only verified accounts of actors. For instance, I am not on Facebook, but I know that many people are running accounts on my name, claiming to be me. Young girls end up liking such dubious pages and get swayed by the activities that happen there.
If somebody takes masses of non-registered immigrants from the Middle East into a country, this also means importing terrorism, criminalism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia.
I think it's the nervousness and the worry that it won't last forever that keeps us working so hard.
Working on a particular look doesn't make you a serious actor.
If you have a Tory government at Westminster that takes us out of Europe against our will, there may be people in Scotland who think, 'You know what, we might be better off independent.'
I'm a terrible cook, but I make very good lobster salad.
What I don't want to become numb to is wasting those taxpayer dollars.
If you work in a public space, you have to be aware that no one is buying a ticket.
I never judge my own songwriting. It's just my heart. What's there to judge about your own heart?