Let me make this clear: I think USADA has moved my sport forward in certain ways that I couldn't have imagined.
Jorge Masvidal
Let me make this clear: I think USADA has moved my sport forward in certain ways that I couldn't have imagined.
Quotes to Discover
My earliest memory is feeling soil between my fingers when I was around three years old.
One thing I do dislike, are cowards.
I have heard good things about Somerset from Azhar Ali, and I want to play a part in the Club winning matches.
If Republicans and Democrats alike truly believe DACA should stay and be a permanent part of immigration reform, then they should use their elected power to make it so.
Waffle House is my childhood thing. We used to go there on Sundays or weekends every now and then with my family. It's just good, Southern, home-cooked food, and that's what I love.
Something that helps me build more optimism in the dead of winter is not staying up too late and waking up early.
When you have a new manager, and everything is new, it gives every team a lift.
I am a proud, British-born Muslim, and I love my country more than any other place on earth.
You need more than a year to grow on somebody, and it's very intimate being invited into people's homes every day. Once that trust is built, then you're like that old friend. That's the sweet spot.
I was never good at math.
Lawmakers must stand up for companies that choose public safety over profit margins.
Will Smith is just an all-around amazing talent and really funny.
Candidly, I've noticed that throughout my career, whether in offices that are majority male or majority female, the men are quick to advocate for themselves for a higher starting salary or more pay bumps over time.
I live in the Village, and the way it's been, people sort of drop in on me and my husband. My husband is Robert Nemiroff, and he, too, is a writer.
As any professional, you go where your work takes you.
Everything can happen in football.
I think there's something inherently interesting in the Monday morning quarterback: the guy who, you know, sits at one end of the briefing room and tells everyone what they should've done and how they've screwed up.
I want to buy pizza, but my players don't want pizza; maybe they don't love pizza. Because I said when we make a clean sheet, I will buy everybody a pizza. Maybe they wait until I say, 'Okay, a good dinner.' I told them, the clean sheet, I buy everybody a pizza. I think they wait until I improve my offer: 'Okay, a pizza and a hot dog.'