Most people do their shows and get the hell out, and don't even care about the fans.
Hank Williams III
Most people do their shows and get the hell out, and don't even care about the fans.
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I love being in the United States Senate.
At the end of the day I just want to be a normal guy, hang out with my daughter, go to school, and work on prosthetics.
I work for the British people. I do not gather intelligence so the government can lie to the British people.
The police have the right to prosecute people, but not use violence.
Some golf instructors get overly technical and teach the mechanics of the ideal swing. That approach didn't work for me. So, I found a pro that didn't insist that I learn Tiger's swing. He accepted my physical limitations and improved my game by focusing on the minimal golf skills that I have.
Medical ethics is a fascinating discipline, as it deals with issues replete with complex philosophical, moral, and ethical considerations that are rarely black or white.
The one thing that Hendrix had that is unique among extraordinary guitar players is he had songs that were on the radio. His guitar genius was exposed to the masses by 'Foxy Lady.'
From my personal experience, because I'm in a relationship, on paper I would never have imagined - I'm an Essex girl, maths geek who likes football, and I've ended up with a Russian ballroom dancer, and I guess the things you think are important, especially when you're younger, turn out not to be.
Building mental strength is about regulating your emotions, managing your thoughts, and behaving in a positive manner, despite your circumstances.
It was the middle of winter, Con Edison had shut off my power, and I didn't have an agent. I made this VHS tape of some monologues, but I didn't even have the money for a MetroCard. So I walked the tapes 'round to the different agencies in town.
I don't believe in playing just one sport. I believe it results in burnout, and each sport trains your body in a different way.
My father was very encouraging.
I can't force people to agree with me.
I consider myself to be a very loyal person.
Every kid who just played basketball knew about the Boston Celtics. They're one of the few teams who were always on national TV along with the Lakers.
Each moment is defined by a multitude of histories, the past constantly converging upon us, perpetually decaying and reforming itself on the steady pulse of now, now, now, now.
It took a generation of filmmakers who loved and were raised on comic books to make movies that you actually cared about and felt something for. I think that's absolutely the same with what's going on with videogame movies.
I think it's very important that girls see themselves as a brand - they have to go after what they want and be ready to work very hard.