Girls need to see somebody that looks like them talking about science and technology.
Emily Calandrelli
Girls need to see somebody that looks like them talking about science and technology.
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I'm always interested in getting to know people, and that means vilified people as much as those celebrated. You find out that heroes aren't always so heroic, and villains have some bit of humanity in them.
Unfortunately, history suggests that dictatorial regimes can withstand years, even decades, of economic sanctions.
Yeah, I worked with a chef when I first got into the league. We did all my blood work and found out exactly what I'm sensitive to, what I'm deficient in, what my body needs. I had to cut out a lot of things - chicken, tuna, wheat, and soy.
I didn't have anything against Manchester United or any other team, and my dream was always to play in the Premier League one day, but my heart told me the best thing would be to stay at Lille.
I'm not going to lie: it's tough. There were a couple of games where you're down, and you're in a really dark place, and you don't know if you're ever going to come out of it. You realize, 'Hey, I'm having a bad day,' but you realize there are people out there having worse days.
You can have your opinions, and you can share them with your friends, but why would you go online to tell a stranger something random about their appearance? I don't get that.
I think Jeff Hornacek is a very, very good basketball coach and an outstanding person.
I'm really into ghost towns. I've driven cross-country the past few summers, and I would stop at some ghost towns along the way. They're like a microcosm of America as a whole.
Narratively speaking, innocent misunderstandings are disappointing. Arbitrary events are also disappointing. The stories that really grab our attention involve not accidents but people doing things on purpose - to get things they desperately want.
When it comes down to it, I'm a 'skinny jeans and graphic t-shirt' kind of gal. My combat boots are my life.
I take so many planes, so I need to give my skin and hair a moisture boost. I use a hair oil in the ends before I go on the plane and always spritz a face spray during the flight.
It's time to elevate the debate in this country and allow the public to access the same neutral, unbiased, nonpartisan information that we in Congress rely on every day.
I know that with my spinal condition I can never be full time again - I just can't do that, but I do wanna be full time, and I don't want to retire.
Bel canto is my passion, and I really consider myself a bel canto singer.
We are too occupied with celebrity. Believe me, it's not what it's cracked to be.
High school was interesting. For the most part, I quite enjoyed it. But everyone is trying to find their footing, and school can be a tough environment. Kids can be cruel to each other. It's quite unforgiving at times.
I used to regard genres as being embedded in cliches, and I always felt funny about the need we have to label things. But I'm happy to think of 'Starred Up' as a prison drama, although we tried to smuggle in some elements of family drama in there.
I've never lived in New York. I've never done a play off or on Broadway, so I think that's in my future. Have that experience - get a little apartment in the city and grow a beard and walk around with earbuds in my ears, and a stocking cap and a big giant scarf.