'Mr. Brownstone' is always a fun song to play because it's got that beat, and you see people bouncing.
Duff McKagan
'Mr. Brownstone' is always a fun song to play because it's got that beat, and you see people bouncing.
Quotes to Discover
It's an oversimplication to say that more monks and nuns are the answer to the Joel Osteen-ification of Christianity... but it wouldn't hurt.
My life did a 180 when I joined Bullet Club. Joining Bullet Club opened the door to New Japan for me. It made me more valuable.
Progressives and conservatives alike lean, unconsciously, towards particular conclusions, and then scrabble around to rationalise those conclusions to themselves.
Joe Hart has bags and bags of talent.
If you know you've been out of order, then you must tell the truth.
The most fun I ever had making a movie was the first 'Incredibles.'
Most theatrical events range in the inaudible. When I went to see 'Mamma Mia,' I thought they were playing it through a megaphone.
I want to go out there and try as hard as I can to be the best in that ring. And for me, that doesn't mean cutting flips and cartwheels and not selling punches.
My mum and dad were a little like tiger parents. I hate that, but at the same time, I am a little bit proud.
People are calling on me to put corrupt people into prison. Where do you start?
Lipstick is for lips only.
Everyone has this vision of Jones as a maniacal ogre. Wrong. He was charming, sweet, and a fabulous speaker.
Detroit is part of my family and part of my life, my home.
We are concerned that Germany, which has protected the PKK and DHKP-C for years, has become the backyard of the Gulenist terror organisation.
I always give much attention to military character and to psychological and morale conditions.
I always get less nervous when we get into rehearsals because it just gives me a better idea of how it's gonna go.
I put my mother through a lot when I was a teenager. I used to lie a lot. Now, we talk all the time.
I'm sure a majority of farmers do their best to follow safe practices, to read carefully chemical labels, to follow the law, and to try and ensure that they are making both safe and profitable decisions for their business.