Guru always titled the Gang Starr albums. But once it came to 'Hard to Earn,' he wanted me to title it.
DJ Premier
Guru always titled the Gang Starr albums. But once it came to 'Hard to Earn,' he wanted me to title it.
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I won an award for my debut film. However, my career went up and down after that but I kept getting work. I did whatever excited me and did not think which role or film will change my career.
I was in Colorado for about 15 years but my family is all from Florida.
I know that if I don’t work out in the mornings before my day gets started, I won’t get to the gym at all that day.
Claggy is often seen as a negative word, yet for me it describes perfectly that full-mouthed feel of a treacle tart of banoffee pie.
Partnerships are not just about bowling in tandem all the time. It all is about helping the other guy get in the right frame of mind.
I think, like, in real life, I'm actually quiet, and I mumble a lot. But that's not very lucrative.
The No. 33 represents my own rise in football. It was the number of the first shirt that I wore at Palmeiras, so I feel a real affection for it.
Deep down inside, I know I'm a very good person.
I think making friends you can work with is a skill like any other, developing those particular kinds of intimacies. They're intimacies like any other, but they grow in a definite direction, not just willy-nilly like normal friendships.
I think I'm a little less naive than SpongeBob can sometimes seem to be.
What people eat is not well documented. Food writers prefer to focus on fashionable, expensive restaurants whose creative dishes reflect little of what most people are eating.
Both of my parents have loved and supported me from my very first strides.
Most people aren't lying awake at night worrying about a nuclear threat. But we are unnerved by a lot of how technology is coming into our lives and starting to infuse our lives. And we question whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.
The 'New York Times' is my homepage because it forces me to go right into the news.
I've always been happy playing in Kansas City.
I met a landlord who will pay you to move at the end of the week and let you use his van. That's a really nice kind of eviction. I met a landlord who will take your door off. There are 101 ways to move a family out.
The father-mother family with two children isolated in a city flat is already insufficient.
I don't think we need a Washington-imposed solution.