I have a natural curiosity about the world, and I just love to talk.
Danielle Campbell
I have a natural curiosity about the world, and I just love to talk.
Quotes to Discover
No, I never drink beer. I've never had a pint of lager in my life.
I was contacted by Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, MP, through the Pune Film Institute and offered the post in the NFDC. I accepted it for the sake of Kerala and because it is an opportunity for improving the content of Doordarshan.
If we live in a society that is stuck in victimhood, we will have lots of victims.
I go along, play football, work as hard as I can, play as hard as I can, and then go home and spend time with my wife and kids.
Most people tell you there are certain moments you should celebrate in life: for example, the weekend coming, so you should party on a Friday. Or your birthday or New Year's Eve. But what if you're excited about being alive every day? Can't you be in that celebratory state every moment you're not dead?
I do not understand players going to China at the age of 27 or 28. Those guys are at the peak of their career. That is a waste, really. You only get one career. I sort of understand players who are already in their 30s.
There was nothing to aspire to, no one to honor. Sojourner Truth wasn't a big enough role model for me. I couldn't go around abolishing slavery.
From as far back as I can remember, I always loved the King Arthur stories, fairy tales, mythology - things like that. So it was very natural for me when I came to write the 'Prydain' books to sort of follow that direction.
I don't know how to troll people, but there are many out there talking with that intent. I just write something funny that would make people laugh.
For a shot, I had to look like I've slipped on wet floor and hurt my back. My director wanted me to just act it out, but I insisted on doing it with water on the floor to make it look authentic. He was against the idea, but I did it and almost broke my back.
I am very inspired by the exploration of space via private means.
Winning my first UFC fight by a finish, I've never felt so accomplished in my life.
I always knew I had a relationship with God. But I wasn't sure God had a relationship with me.
You don't do a business for pleasure: You have to make money.
'Love Letter' is a concept album, and whenever I do a concept album - and I love doing concept albums more than any other kind of album - it allows me to get dressed, in a way, musically.
For commercial books in a genre, readers' and editors' expectations may be fairly rigid. Some romance lines, for instance, issue fairly detailed writers' guidelines explaining exactly what must happen in a book they publish (and what must not).
I was badly mauled by people in New York State for being against the death penalty for 12 years.
A friend told me about a Nike competition, where they give you one minute to do tricks with a basketball. I wasn't going to go, but they were giving away free sneakers. I ended up coming in second place.