Teach the kids. They need to learn how to handle, grow and multiply money. It's basic and should be taught at an early stage.
Bo Sanchez
Teach the kids. They need to learn how to handle, grow and multiply money. It's basic and should be taught at an early stage.
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I love to travel and I love to teach, so I combined the two.
I moved to Naples, Florida, and by 15 I was into punk: Green Day, Rancid, NOFX, Operation Ivy. Along with the classic punk bands, like the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat - all those bands that you get into when you're first getting into punk.
I have natural talent when it comes to batting.
I was like this weird, edgy 10-year-old. I was figuring out who I was, obviously at the worst time. I had braces and bangs, and it was a nightmare.
When someone gives you a compliment, believe them.
The thing that I get most excited about is that it does feel like a new realm of storytelling is being created before everybody's eyes. You can do something that's not exactly a movie and not exactly a TV show, something in between.
I had been getting relaxers since I was eight or nine. I had no clue. It was a personal mission to really find out who am when I'm not altering myself to look like anybody else. Who am I when I wake up and I don't do anything to my hair? Who is that woman? I want to meet her. And that was what catapulted my journey into going natural.
'Fresh Eyes' was my own little discovery of having been in a relationship for a while and realizing that my favorite part of it is being surprised.
As far as writing and directing, I'm very focused on the thriller genre.
When I visited Moscow for the first time in 1998, I wandered into the historic Metropol Hotel as a curious tourist simply to ogle the giant painted glass ceiling that hangs over the grand restaurant off the lobby. It was the memory of that short visit that prompted me, some years later, to set 'A Gentleman in Moscow' in the hotel.
Fresh herbs really belong anywhere you put them.
I'm still a big wrestling fan. I buy the Pay-Per-Views. I think that gives me the right to speak out just like any other fan.
I love the solitary, romantic idea of writing.
I was told bedtime stories by my father or my grandmother. Books, I mostly read on my own in bed.
When I was a kid, I had a tendency to criticize. But when I did, my mum would whisk me off to the bathroom to stand in front of a mirror. Ten minutes, never less. To think about how criticism is a poor reflection on the one who criticizes.
Playing tough characters just comes easy for me. It's not who I am in real life, so I love going to work and pretending to be something I'm not. I love all the action and confidence. But when I finally go do a rom-com, I hope my fans will support me.
There's a huge interest in the Chinese market, and Hollywood has a huge interest in the Chinese market with films like 'Transformers' making more money over there than here.
It occurred to me that a food drive would be a natural way to talk to kids about hunger, which so many of them simply aren't aware of.